Should I Do My Own Copier Repairs, Plotter Repairs, Laser Printer Repairs Or Should I Hire a Professional ?

Should I Do My Own Copier Repairs, Plotter Repairs, Laser Printer Repairs Or Should I Hire a Professional ?

Here’s  the problems with attempting to do your own Copier Repairs, Laser Printer Repairs, Plotter Repairs, Or evenattempting to repair your own Format copiers.


1.) If you forget how you disassembly your office equipment (Copier, Laser Printer, MFP-(Fax,Print,Scan,Copy Unit),  including your Plotter, or Format Copier. You may find it difficult in putting your equipment back together properly which can cause damage to parts and additional Issues. In our past experiences, with many Customers whom forgotten how to reassemble their equipment had to call us to resolve their issues they created entirely So, they can have a properly running equipment again.  So don’t attempt your own repairs. Call us instead here’s our phone number for your reference  (203) 381-0399


2.)  If  your equipment involves replacing a Board or Several Boards you may cause additional damage to your equipment when installing the replacement one(s). Which can cost you additional $$ then you needed to spend.


3.)  Now the most important reason  NOT to attempt repairs on your Copier, Printer, Plotter,Format Copier or even your MFP (Fax,Scan,Print,Copy Unit) is ERROR CODES   YES,That correct !  Error Codes see when your equipment produces an “Error Code” that information tells the technician not only what’s wrong with your equipment but, where to look to resolve this problem.  If your not properly trained to repair your own equipment it may cost you more when you do decide that it’s best to call in a Copier Professional.  See the truth is when we diagnose and evaluate the damage you caused to your equipment, we not only have to determine what you did correctly but, what you also didn’t do correctly.


My Final Thought is this When attempting to do your own repairs on your Copier, Laser Printer, Plotter, MFP (Copy,Fax,Scan,Print) STOP !  Just call us instead at  (203) 381-0399  Copiers Plus Worldwide,LLC. your expert office equipment solution.

Blog Post written by:
Ed Stodolski
Copier, Printer, Fax Machine Specialist